*Oct 5th, 2018* We Regret To Inform Chris has Passed Away 9/30/18.
If you have any art that needs pick up, please email tonyc@venbit.com

About Me

Making beautiful art, giving that "wow" factor, and making people happy are my three goals when it comes to air brushing. Having done air brush art for over 15 years, I know exactly how to make something perfect and look the way you want it. Great customer service and providing my artistic skills will provide you with an amazing end product.

Located in Western Washington I work to provide the best services in the best possible atmosphere. Using very high end tools to complete your job are key to assisting my skills with an airbrush. Working in a temperature controlled enclosed room specified only for painting allows me to make some of the finest airbrush art in the North West.

All art on this website is property of Chris Wilson or the respected owners of the art Chris has sold it to.
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